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Here, you will find:

  • an on-line directory;
  • great ways to communicate and participate in the various groups at Calvary,
  • ways to be better connected with the church body as we serve the Lord together.
  •  your personal information,
  • access your personal church calendar (which shows the activities for the groups you are part of).

Most of your world will be in the “People” and “Groups” tabs, where you can interact with other people, see what’s happening in your Bible Studies, ministries where you serve, small group or ministry, and discover more ways to grow and serve in the body as you walk with Jesus. As we’re discovering this new community-building tool together, there of course will be questions, so feel free to call the church office at 360.352.4214 or e-mail calvaryoly@reachone.com. Look around, have fun, update your profile and let’s use this site to grow closer to one another and to God!