by Pastor Jon Sanné

How do I get on track with Christ?

One of the many things I thoroughly enjoy in life is watching the Olympics. Seeing the most recent Winter Games, it occurred to me that nearly every sport has something in common— a track. And the athletes who compete at the Olympics have something in common as well —a defining moment in life. It was that moment when they put on a pair of skates or skis..or even a bobsled and slid onto their track for the very first time. Of course, each one’s story is a bit different, as unique as the athlete himself. Whatever the case, they are now on a track. So it is with the Christian life.

Which track are you on? Do you know where you are heading?

We hope that you find this website and the ministry at Calvary Chapel helpful as you try to understand the problems you are facing, and the solutions available in Christ to overcome them. The truth is, all of us get off track from time to time, and God’s Word is useful for helping us understand how it happens so we’re more prepared for the next time we come across “surprises” or face challenges in life.

Spiritually speaking, each one of us is heading down a path, or track in life. Just as in sports, there is a starting line and a finish line. Some get a good start, and others don’t, but everyone is on a track somewhere.

These questions are important to ask, and even more important to answer. In fact, your answers will determine whether or not you finish well in life. The Bible says, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death” (Proverbs 14:12).

 Are you certain about the path you have chosen, and where it leads?

The Bible says you can be. Jesus announced, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through Me” (John 14:6). Simply put, He was talking about heaven. When you die, you will spend eternity somewhere—either heaven, or hell. How you finish this life, and where you spend eternity is determined by which track you’re on.

Jesus is inviting you into a personal relationship with Him. This may be that defining moment in your life when you step in faith onto the “track” with Jesus, so to speak. To do so may seem both exciting and scary, like a child taking the ice for the first time. There may be some uncertainty, but also a real sense that adventure awaits! The truth is God does have a great adventure for your life with Him, a thrilling ride that ends well, with rewards much better than a gold medal! He created you for a purpose, and when you get on track with Him, you will discover that purpose.

We would be happy to recommend various articles, books, and other online resources that address many of the things that often cause us to get off track in our relationship with Jesus.

Topics include: Understanding Sin • Forgiveness • Understanding Emotions • Spiritual Warfare • Temptation • Sexual Sin: infidelity, fornication, pornography, homosexuality • Depression • Guilt • Fear • Anger • Bitterness • Worry

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Stay On Track