Healthy Marriage

A healthy family is built on a healthy marriage, and although there is no such thing as a perfect marriage, you can have a successful one. Successful marriages, however, don’t just happen! They grow out of a strong commitment to pleasing God.  When a husband and wife choose pleasing God as the highest priority of life, He faithfully pours out His grace in a special way upon that relationship.  To that couple, He grants the grace to be everything He intends them to be; namely, an example of Christ and His love for His Church (Eph. 5:31).  For those who do have this desire to please God through a growing and committed marriage, we believe that the following areas of ministry will be of great help.
This is a special class designed with the purpose of helping couples make biblically informed decisions regarding marriage.  If you are seriously heading toward marriage, or simply curious about what the Bible has to say on the subject, this class is an excellent place to start.  It covers 18 important relationship topics, including:

  • Why We Behave The Way We Do
  • Communication in Marriage
  • Husband and Wife Roles
  • Understanding Forgiveness
  • Relational & Sensual Intimacy

Preparing for Marriage is offered as needed, and is taught by any one of our available counseling pastors.

Couple’s Weekend

Once a year, we seek to encourage and strengthen marriages through our Couple’s Weekend.  It is usually held here at Calvary Chapel of Olympia.  Date’s are typically announced both at church and on this website sometime just after the first of the year. We always have terrific food and childcare provided.  These are wonderful times of fellowship that include worship, special time together with your spouse, and practical teaching from the Word that will truly enrich your marriage. Call the church at 360-352-4214, or keep checking the Home page of this website for further details.

Marriage Counseling

Of all the names given to describe our Lord in the Scripture, two of my favorites are Wonderful…and Counselor (Isaiah 9:6).  The simple truth is, we all need His wise and wonderful counsel, and amazingly, we have been given the promise from God that when we ask for it in faith, He will give it to us generously (James 1:5)!  Furthermore, because God has been so faithful and generous to reveal truth to us through His Word, we now have the privilege and commission to share it with others.  As Jesus sent out His disciples to minister to the needs in their world, He reminded them, “Freely you have received, freely give” (Matt. 10:8).  In our counseling and discipleship ministry here at Calvary, we believe this command applies to us as well.  Thus, we do not charge money for the counsel that we give.

If you are in need of counsel regarding marriage, divorce, or remarriage, we invite you to contact Pastor Jon Sanné or visit the Counseling web page.